Decertifying Derek Colling

Learn more about who Albany County Sheriff’s Corporal is and why it is imperative that he no longer work in law enforcement.

Fatal Shootings
Documented Assault
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Criminal convictions

How to keep Colling off the street

Decertifying a "peace Officer"

All Wyoming law enforcement officers must be certified through Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) to work as police. When officers do not meet POST’s standards, they can be decertified, effectively ending their careers in law enforcement. 

a history of violence

Colling's Victims

Shawn Collins

In July, 2006, less than a year after joining the force, he was one of five Las Vegas officers who fired 29 rounds at a domestic-violence suspect. Police stated that Shawn pulled a gun on them. The shooting was ruled justified by a Coroner’s jury.

Tanner Chamberlain

In September, 2009, he fatally shot a 15 year-old boy in the head who struggled with bipolar disorder. He killed Chamberlain less than one minute after arriving

Mitchell Crooks

In March, 2011, he beat Mitchell Crooks outside of his home for filming police. He was fired from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the city paid Crooks $100,000 in a legal settlement.

Robbie Ramirez

On November 4th, 2018, he killed Robbie Ramirez after pulling him over for driving 16 mph in a 30 mph zone. Colling shot Ramirez three times, including twice in the back. Ramirez was unarmed and was known to struggle with mental illness

Decertify Derek Colling

Derek Colling’s continued employment as a “peace officer” in Wyoming undermines the public’s trust in law enforcement and the criminal justice system as a whole. Derek Colling’s violent history is tarnishing the relationship with good police and the public.

Because of this, Derek Colling is in violation of Chapter 8, Section 2(f) of Wyoming POST’s rules and regulations.

ACoPP has organized a petition to collect signatures from people across Wyoming who believe Corporal Colling is no longer fit to serve as a peace officer. The petition calls for the immediate termination of Corporal Colling and his complete decertification as a peace officer so he can no longer serve as law enforcement in the state of Wyoming.

Want to write a letter to the Peace Officer Standards and Training office on your own?
Here's how!

Before starting your letter, get in the right headspace. Your letter should be thoughtful, heartfelt, and professional. We want POST to sympathize with us. 

Address your letter to Chris Walsh, the Executive Director of POST.  Dear Mr. Walsh, …

Your letter should include three parts:

1. Say who you are. 

Make sure you mention you’re from Wyoming (or why Colling’s position in law enforcement is relevant to you).

My name is ____ and I’m a Wyoming resident in _______.

2. Say what you want.

I’m writing today to ask you to consider permanently revoking Derek Colling’s certification as a peace officer in Wyoming. 

3. Say why you want it.

This is where you can add a sentence or two about why this is important to you. Be sure to mention that Colling’s conduct has negatively impacted your trust in the law enforcement profession as a whole. 


Mr. Chris Walsh
Peace Officer Standards and Training Office
1556 Riverbend Drive
Douglass, WY . 82633 


– Colling is a legal liability to Albany County and anywhere else he may work. His previous legal settlements cost Las Vegas $100,000 after he beat a man who was filming police. 

– The Laramie Police Chief, Dale Stalder, fired Derek Colling from the special response team. His decision has been regarded positively by the community, yet Sheriff Dave O’Malley won’t fire Derek Colling

– The community did not support the hiring of Colling as a patrol officer in 2014 due to his violent history. 

– A quarter of law enforcement ever fire their service weapon, and a fraction of them fatally shoot anyone. Colling has killed three people.

– The public is afraid to ask for help from law enforcement because Colling may be the officer who responds.

– The community may be unwilling to work with law enforcement in investigations due to the general distrust towards law enforcement.

– If Corporal Colling isn’t decertified, he can still work as a peace officer and place other communities at risk. 

Click here for more information on why we need to decertify Derek Colling. 

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