The Fight Continues.

Dear friends and neighbors,

On Friday, Nov. 16, we delivered the petition you signed demanding information about the death of Robbie Ramirez.

Dozens of people who signed the petition joined members of ACoPP as we presented the document to Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales. Nearly 600 people from Albany County had signed the petition in less than a week.

You can watch a short video of the petition delivery and a statement from ACoPP on the county courthouse steps here.

On Monday, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent denied our request. She said in a letter to ACoPP that releasing the dashcam and bodycam footage and Derek Colling’s history of misconduct would compromise the ongoing investigation of the killing.

This is an absolutely absurd, unacceptable response. (We’ve uploaded Trent’s letter to our Facebook.)

Trent and Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley have already held a screening of the dashcam and bodycam footage for select members of the press, providing reporters a prepackaged narrative. The officials even allowed television stations to record part of the footage for broadcast. Now, outlets like K2 News are broadcasting partial clips from the video—naturally, the most sensational—and repeating what the officials told them.

But the public still has not been given access to the complete, uncut truth.

We are not giving up—not by a long shot. We’re moving forward to the next steps of making sure the investigation of Robbie Ramirez’s killing is transparent, and that Albany County law enforcement officials are accountable to the public they serve.

And we WILL see the public release of that video and Colling’s record.

We’re going to need your help, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, have a good Thanksgiving. Stay safe, and hold tightly the ones you love.


Albany County for Proper Policing


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