Sheriff David O’Malley is Not a Friend of Mine

The people of Wyoming petition Governor Gordon remove Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley from office. Under Wyoming Statute §18-3-902, the Governor can direct the Wyoming Attorney General to remove county officials guilty of misconduct or malfeasance. Sheriff O’Malley has violated his oath to office and blatantly disregards public safety.

Albany County for Proper Policing Seeks the Decertification of Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling

Albany County for Proper Policing is collecting petition signatures in an effort to have Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling decertified from Wyoming Peace Officer Standards and Training.

It’s going to take oversight from people like you to see meaningful reforms

If we want to make meaningful changes in law enforcement in Albany County, it is going to take oversight from people like you. After the April 16th commissioner meeting, Albany County officials discussed the potential of forming an ad hoc committee to address ACoPP’s concerns. While an ad hoc committee would certainly be a positive step …