Second Request for Transparency – Denied 11/27/2018

After County Attorney Trent denied our petition requests demanding the release of the footage and Derek Colling’s disciplinary records and community complaints, ACoPP and the ACLU of Wyoming partnered to submit a second records request. This time, we asked that the public be given access to the footage in the same manner that members of the press were granted on November 13th. Further, we called for documentation of the Sheriff’s office policies on hiring, firing, and disciplinary actions. Finally, we asked for any correspondence demonstrating which select members of the press were invited to the press conference.

You can view the records request in full.

Again, County Attorney Trent denied many of our requests under the claim that releasing the footage would potentially compromise the investigation and potential prosecution. This claim does not make logical or legal sense given Ms. Trent has already released the footage to the press and fragments of the footage is available online.

You can view Ms. Trent’s letter in response below.

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