ACoPP has gone underground recently. But, not because we’ve given up – we have been working harder than ever. After demanding changes from public officials on police reforms and accountability for more than seven months, we published a video highlighting efforts from our community. 

We feature footage of commission meetings where community members testified publicly on their frustrations with the continued employment of Derek Colling.

Despite testimony from many concerned residents, some county officials responded with animosity towards ACoPP and community involvement in exploring solutions to law enforcement practices and community resentment.

County Commissioner Heber Richardson exclaiming to ACoPP members, “You need to knock this sh*t off and let us do the process that we need to do.”

Problems with transparency and accountability persist and we have a lot of work left to do. We’ve been told that we are the problem, that we somehow created this fear in the community. But ACoPP didn’t shoot Robbie twice in the back and we haven’t hidden facts of this case from the public.

We need community members to get more involved with reform efforts through donations or volunteering.

We will be hosting a community forum later this summer focused on community oversight boards of police. Many such boards exist throughout the country, which give community members the ability to hold law enforcement accountable for their actions and enact proactive policies.

Real change won’t come unless we engage as many people in our community as possible. That’s why we will continue to conduct outreach, continue to host community forums, and continue to stress that there are serious problems within our county that need be addressed. The momentum is on the side of the status quo—to sit back and let things happen as they always have. But we’re building momentum, and you can be a part of it too.


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