Albany County Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling is headed back to work after third on-duty killing

Albany County Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling will likely return to work within the next few weeks, according to Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley. On Jan. 10, a grand jury declined to indict Colling for his killing of Robbie Ramirez in the line of duty last November. Colling has been on paid administrative leave since the [...]

Community Forum Reflections

On January 4th, we filled the Lincoln Community Center with an energy unlike anything we have seen before. The room was flooded with approximately 70 community members of richly diverse backgrounds - all with the common interest of justice. When the facilitator, Yana Ludwig, asked what brought everyone to the forum, it was clear the [...]

County attorney Trent faces conflicts of interest in choosing whether to prosecute Derek Colling

Albany County officials have found themselves in tough situations since Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling shot and killed unarmed Robbie Ramirez on November. 4th.Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley faced controversy for hiring Colling in 2011, given Colling’s history of violence. Colling had previously killed two people in the line of duty, he was fired from the [...]

We want to hear your voice

Dear Friends and Neighbors:We started Albany County for Proper Policing in the wake of Robbie Ramirez’s death because we wanted to make sure his killing by police didn’t get swept under the carpet.But justice for Robbie isn’t ACoPP’s only goal. We also have our sights set on larger issues of policing and law enforcement.That’s why […]

The Fight Continues.

Dear friends and neighbors,On Friday, Nov. 16, we delivered the petition you signed demanding information about the death of Robbie Ramirez.Dozens of people who signed the petition joined members of ACoPP as we presented the document to Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales. Nearly 600 people from Albany County had signed the petition in less than […]

County Attorney Trent’s Response to Petition Requests – 11/19/2018 November 16th, ACoPP and dozens of community members submitted 573 of Albany County resident petition signatures to the Albany County Clerk. We demanded access to the body and dash camera footage, as well as Sheriff's Corporal Derek Colling's disciplinary records and community complaints. The County Attorney, Peggy Trent, denied our requests, despite Wyoming statute [...]