We need to make it loud and clear that our community needs to have a voice in how they are policed NOW!

Be brief, polite, and to the point
Your message should include three parts [DO NOT COPY AND PASTE]:
Who you are – introduce yourself and say you’re a resident of Laramie
What you want – Community oversight boards of police 
Why you want it – include a sentence or two about why you care
That’s it! Thank you!

Talking points you can include

Police should not police themselves.
A COB could help save the city money by reducing the risk of wrongful death lawsuits.
Oversight boards can identify problem officers early on to ensure one "bad apple" is thrown out before it spoils the bunch.
We elect community members to represent our interests to the school board. Why don't we have elected community members to oversee the only government body with the legal right to kill us?
City Council has many other issues to deal with and does not have the time to thoroughly investigate and oversee the police.
COBs help law enforcement mend relationships with communities and build trust by working with community leaders to earn it.
The City Manager has indicated a lack of independence on this issue and cannot be counted on to help manage the police in good faith.
The US Department of Justice, the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF), and other national entities focused on developing the best policing practices have included community oversight boards as critical components in their twenty-first-century views of policing.
There is not a function of government where it is appropriate to exclude the community.
Oversight boards can examine patterns and policies that are problematic to community outreach or ineffective policing.
Sheriff O'Malley has zero oversight and his office operates essentially as a murder squad and safe harbor for bad cops. Chief Stalder answers to City Council and has fired serial killers and domestic abusers.

Learn more about community oversight boards

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