You can now submit complaints of local law enforcement through Community Law Enforcement Watch (CLEW) – an alternative complaint portal created and operated by ACoPP. CLEW was created in response to public concerns regarding distrust of the current law enforcement complaint procedures. 

Anyone who wishes to submit a complaint through CLEW can choose to make that complaint public, confidential, or anonymous. Complaints will be added to an internal ACoPP database and those that give permission to share their concerns will have their report summarized during public comment periods at City Council or County Commission meetings. 

Complaints submitted to ACoPP that are read at public meetings serve a number of purposes. First, presenting concerns to stakeholders allows them to further investigate and act appropriately if they choose. Second, it submits the complaint in public record – a more transparent process than exists currently. Third, it addresses community concerns about anonymity while also providing opportunity for the public to determine if patterns exist that stakeholders should address. 

Currently, ACoPP does not investigate nor attempt to resolve complaints. The purpose of CLEW is to provide a venue to voice concerns even if you do not wish to submit that complaint through law enforcement or government entities.

If you would rather your complaint be available publicly online for others to see, you can submit your CLEW on our subreddit

CLEW is not a replacement for submitting complaints to law enforcement if you are seeking action on your complaint. If you are seeking disciplinary action for the officer, you can submit your complaints to law enforcement – although don’t get your hopes up. 

Laramie Police Department

Albany County Sheriff’s Office



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