You may remember that in June of 2020 the Laramie City Council passed a resolution to identify and present options to the City Council to create a civilian oversight board. Subsequently, the City wants to review its general budget and the Laramie Police Department specifically.

The Laramie City Council has convened a special budget committee to review and make recommendations for the Laramie Police Department funding for the next fiscal year. The city has asked ACoPP to take part in the process – we are sending Tracey Rosenlund, our Director of Community Oversight to participate and function as our representative.

We are striving to provide education and context for the public regarding LPD’s budget. We will also bring any questions you have to the meetings.

What do you want to know about the City’s policing budget

The first meeting was held on January 21 to review the departmental and management structure of the City of Laramie. We will upload documents and our synopsis of the information as we obtain them on our website. Some of the documents we obtain may not be digestible in their current form, so we will also provide our analysis and summaries as we move forward. Look for a forthcoming blog post summarizing what was shared during that meeting. 

The timeline for conducting these meetings is short. 

This Thursday, Jan. 28, the special budget committee will review the 3-year budget for LPD. The following two weeks will likely incorporate additional review and recommendations. The final budget committee meeting will be February 11, and the City Manager will make her budget recommendations to City Council in late March. The public will have time to give public comment in late April. The budget is set to be adopted by June. 

During this period of time the budget recommendations may vary and nothing is final until June.

Again, we welcome you to submit any questions you have pertaining to LPD’s budget here or through email.

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