Sheriff David O’Malley is Not a Friend of Mine

The people of Wyoming petition Governor Gordon remove Albany County Sheriff David O’Malley from office. Under Wyoming Statute §18-3-902, the Governor can direct the Wyoming Attorney General to remove county officials guilty of misconduct or malfeasance. Sheriff O’Malley has violated his oath to office and blatantly disregards public safety.

Community Oversight Boards 101

What are Civilian Oversight Boards?Civilian oversight boards, or COBs, are bodies of primarily non-police community members who oversee a variety of operations related to policing. These boards compare closely to school boards – a group of elected community members overseeing a public service that tax money pays for. The earliest forms of COBs began in the […]

Derek Colling fired from Laramie Police Department Special Response Team

Albany County Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling has been terminated from the Special Response Team (SRT), according to sources inside the Laramie Police Department (LPD).In meetings with LPD staff, Albany County for Proper Policing (ACoPP) learned that Colling had previously served as an officer on the SRT. The team is managed by LPD, which staffs the […]

County attorney Trent faces conflicts of interest in choosing whether to prosecute Derek Colling

Albany County officials have found themselves in tough situations since Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling shot and killed unarmed Robbie Ramirez on November. 4th.Albany County Sheriff Dave O’Malley faced controversy for hiring Colling in 2011, given Colling’s history of violence. Colling had previously killed two people in the line of duty, he was fired from the […]