The Fight Continues.

Dear friends and neighbors,On Friday, Nov. 16, we delivered the petition you signed demanding information about the death of Robbie Ramirez.Dozens of people who signed the petition joined members of ACoPP as we presented the document to Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales. Nearly 600 people from Albany County had signed the petition in less than […]

County Attorney Trent’s Response to Petition Requests – 11/19/2018

https://vimeo.com/301966851On November 16th, ACoPP and dozens of community members submitted 573 of Albany County resident petition signatures to the Albany County Clerk. We demanded access to the body and dash camera footage, as well as Sheriff’s Corporal Derek Colling’s disciplinary records and community complaints. The County Attorney, Peggy Trent, denied our requests, despite Wyoming statute […]