Ever since ACoPP formed after the death of Robbie Ramirez, we’ve asked ourselves the question: What can be done to prevent another police killing in our community?     

This summer we hit the books, researched what’s been done in other communities, and learned that the answer is relatively simple: The people need to become the boss of the police.

What else can you do when you have a sheriff who won’t fire a homicidal cop and answers only to voters every four years?

Join Albany County for Proper Policing for a forum on civilian oversight of law enforcement from 6 – 8 p.m. on Thursday, August 29 at the Lincoln Community Center (365 W Grand Ave.). We’ll discuss why civilian oversight of law enforcement is necessary, what forms it can take, and how more than 100 communities across the country have given their residents the ability to police their police.

Unfortunately, Albany County is far from the only place that has dealt with law enforcement that refuses to keep itself in check. But the silver lining is that there are many communities we can learn from. ACoPP wants to share with you what we’ve found out and hear what you think, in return.

We want you to be Sheriff O’Malley’s boss—or, one of them, at least.

How we make this a reality will require a long, community-based conversation. That conversation starts at this forum this Thursday. We hope you’ll join us.

RSVP on our Facebook event page for more information about the event.

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