What we are accomplishing

Since Robbie Ramirez was killed in November of 2018, ACoPP has been demanding changes in transparency, accountability, and reforms in policing and local government.

Here’s how:

ACoPP organized a petition demanding body and dash camera footage. We delivered nearly 600 Albany County signatures. 

Community members gathered to discuss police reforms they wanted from local law enforcement. We produced a report of their findings, available here. 

After Corporal Colling was not indicted by a grand jury, community members demanded more transparency. The grand jury proceedings were not subject to public information, but we continued our push for open information. 

We alerted the public that Colling was back on duty.


Robbie’s family gave ACoPP the autopsy results, which were explained by former coroner, KC Vernon. The full autopsy report is published in the effort of transparency on our website. 

Six months after Robbie was killed, the community is still demanding answers and change. On April 16th, dozens of community members demanded that County Commissioners publicly address Corporal Colling’s continued employment in the interest of public safety and trust. 

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